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Sheilagh Party Time Contoured Mask - Happy Birthday to You! - Small

Sacramento Costumers
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These re-usable, washable masks with three layers of fabric protection are breathable. These masks come with the fitting adjustable nose wire, 3 layers of fabric for protection. This style comes in a variety of some with elastic ear loops, ribbons, and decorative ties. Perfect for your next celebration, these masks are fun and playful! 

Please wash the masks prior to use and do not microwave.


Small- fit for children

Sheilagh Macafferty is a costume designer who founded Sacramento Costumers. Sacramento Costumers is a collective where individuals grow their own brands and work collectively to complete larger projects, such as the opera or masks for the community. Sacramento Costumers are resident artists of the Atrium.

As CEO of the Sacramento Costumers cooperative, she helps people (ages 5-75)  learn or hone their skillset, prepare for a career, learn the trade, build their brands find community with sewing, designing, fashion, costuming, and zero waste practices.
Having started in costuming as Wardrobe Mistress in 1977 with Frederic Apcar Productions, Sheilagh costumed the 2015-16 season at the Pistarckle Theater in St. Thomas, USVI, and is currently costumer to the Sacramento Philharmonic Opera. The April 25th performance of "Barber of Seville", has been rescheduled for November 24, 2020. 

Visit Sheilagh.Studio to learn more about her brands
Sheilagh Designs, Alex Scottish Wears, Earth Arts n Culture, and Uppity Upcycle Couture.

This online mask marketplace shopping experience is provided by the nonprofit The Atrium -a Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability. Seeking to build a kind, creative and sustainable future for all.  Creatives on this mask marketplace are using the funds raised from these masks to buy supplies to make free masks for those on the front lines and those in need. 

Up Kindness, Inc is the 501c3 nonprofit legal entity that houses the Atrium and all its projects.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released updated guidelines on April 3, advising Americans to wear cloth face coverings when out in the community. The guidelines target areas with significant community spread and where social distancing is difficult (like a grocery store). The goal is to minimize the spread from asymptomatic people (who have the COVID-19 illness but show no symptoms) and pre-symptomatic people (who are infected but aren’t showing symptoms yet).

  1. Use a fabric mask for no more than four hours at a time, then wash in hot water and dry thoroughly before using it again.
  2. Put the mask on (don) after washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. 
  3. Wash hands again after removing (doffing) the mask. Do not touch the outside front part of the mask as the area is likely to be contaminated.
  4. You must still practice social distancing and hand washing if you wear a mask. Masks are not absolutely effective and do not allow you to be less vigilant about staying safe!

Cloth masks are not medical-grade N95 respirators. Medical experts believe they may help to prevent an asymptomatic carrier from unknowingly spreading the virus to others. (Sacramento Bee April 2020